The Frida Effect: Final Days at Philbrook for Kahlo-Rivera Mexican Modernism exhibits

*Community Dialogue Opportunity Scheduled for September 10:

How Frida Taught us to Paint Our Realities — Details follow.

By Glenda Rice Collins (Updated September 2, 2022)

Tulsa, Okla., USA — Last call: FRIDA KAHLO, DIEGO RIVERA, AND MEXICAN MODERNISM continues through September 11, 2022 at Philbrook Museum of Art, featuring: exemplary originals of iconic Frida’s paintings, videos of her beloved Casa Azul residence, and garden (as shown in banner image above), examples of her authentic, heritage-inspired attire, wall-sized reproductions of Rivera’s famed murals, and the couple’s unique Mexican garden-inspired influences visible throughout Philbrook’s vast gardens this summer.

The Philbrook gardens currently bloom with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera-inspired plantings, and quotes. Photo by Glenda Rice Collins.

Born into a privileged Mexican lifestyle, the well-educated Frida Kahlo studied to be a doctor, but suffered severe injuries and life-long pain from a traffic accident in her youth, becoming broken, at times bedridden, and yet determined to express herself through her groundbreaking paintings, activism and political involvements. (See also:

Video images from Kahlo’s Casa Azul residence garden are featured in the current Philbrook exhibition.

Frida: A Work of Art Herself

Through her exemplary lifestyle, courage and resolve, Kahlo became a work of art herself, and an enduring artistic icon, evidenced by her own unique style and impeccable manner of dress, which honors her Mexican heritage, with distinction.

Frida Kahlo specialized in wearing authentic Mexican heritage fashion, as shown here at Philbrook, with a Diego Rivera mural reproduction of his 1934 Man at the Crossroads partly visible in the background, at right. Rivera’s original 1931 Landscape with Cacti, oil on canvas, detail, peeks through at left background.
Photo by Glenda Rice Collins.

(See additional Frida images, as photographed by Nicholas Muray, in this September 9, 2016 feature by Glenda Rice Collins:

Last call for Frida at Philbrook, 2022

Though today’s Philbrook, guided garden tour and September 11 curator-led gallery tour are sold out, a September 10, 2022 community dialogue program for now remains open for consideration, as follows:

*NEXT: Current Community Dialogue: How Frida Taught Us to Paint Our Realities

Saturday, September 10
1:00pm – 2:30pm

FREE for Members
FREE for Youth 17 & under
Free with General Admission for Adults

*Capacity limited. Advance, timed-entry ticket recommended.

The Tulsa City-County Library’s Hispanic Resource Center, with Latinx artists VNICE and Ana Barros, presents a panel discussion with community leaders and curators as they delve into the influence, and radical nature of the artistic movements in the United States and in Latin America, especially during the time periods when Frida Kahlo was active.

Panelists will discuss how norms, socioeconomic barriers, and artists themselves have inspired the direction of the movements. Learn: How does history inform the power of voices today and how are modern artists finding inspiration to create?


FRIDA KAHLO, DIEGO RIVERA, AND MEXICAN MODERNISM is organized by the Vergel Foundation and MondoMostre in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (INBAL). 

Support for this project is provided in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a grant from the Flint Family Foundation, and support from donors to Philbrook’s Exhibition Series. 

For additional details, please visit

#######Glenda Rice Collins 9-2-22

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