Artist Statement

I believe that art is a dialogue, emanating from a source deep within the soul.

This dialogue is at times internal, between conscience and desire.  At other times external, this dialogue can expand, dancing into synergistic forms of collaboration, when trust levels are high, and information is freely shared.  It can manifest in a passion for life and a spirited, free expression of innovation, or be crushed from a lack of validation and acceptance.

Art is a way of life.  Exceptional writers, as exceptional artists, have a responsibility, as visionaries, to inspire communities to “get into conversations with themselves” over issues not yet fully comprehended.  Reflective activity, with focus and introspection, leads to breakthroughs, “aha-s,” new inventions, creative problem-solving, and with an open mind, new forms of fulfillment — at times from reckoning with previously avoided pain, or burnout.

For me, quality-of-life through wisdom with purpose, consciousness and awareness, often requiring growth, is the goal — to make a difference.

Glenda Rice Collins, Journalist/Arts Columnist


Photo by Jerry Poppenhouse
Silk Design by Irene Letcher

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